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  Welcome to Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City FFA website. We are an agricultural science program located in Grove City, MN. Our chapter has 48 active AET student accounts and 1 teacher.  

Our students are developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

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Keeping records is an important aspect to not only in the dairy industry, but also for life as well. Within the dairy industry there may be many different thing you may need to record so that everything is done correctly. With dairy cattle you need to record breeding dates, calving days, and also vaccination days. The reason you need to keep track of all this information is because if you give a cow a shot you may need to salve her milk so that you don
Training cattle to lead and to comfortable around people is a very important process because it makes the animal a lot safer to be around. Making animals comfortable with people is a very good thing to do because if they are good with people then the animal will be easier and safer to work with. I start working with my animals at a young age, when they are bottle calves. One of my goals is to purchase a Donkey to help me train my cattle because I have very limited time to work with my cattle and by having a donkey, it will train the calf to go where the donkey wants to go. By doing this it will train the calf to go where the leader wants to go.
I use a subcutaneous injection for both tetanus and deworming. Some producers deworm through feed or orally.  Since my goats and the farm
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Christa J. Williamson
Williamson Farm
Spicer, MN

Christa J. Williamson
Williamson Farm
Spicer, MN
Throughout my time working at KurthHaven Dairy Farm, I achieved all three of my goals and became more experienced in the dairy industry.  I achieved my first goal of learning parts of a dairy cow and terminology by reading various dairy hand books and asked questions.  I achieved my second goal by working at the KurthHaven Dairy Farm.  I assisted feeding animals.   By the end of the summer, I was able to do more of the chores independently.  Lastly, as I worked at the farm, I observed the routine for milking the cows.
Slick shearing market lambs is a process that must be done before a show. I first wash the sheep and use an electric clipper to remove dense wool. In order to have a good slick shear, finer blades must be used. A Suffolk ewe will produce between 4-8 lbs of wool per year.
Milking can be an interesting task if not done right. When I
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