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  Student Leadership  
Chapter Committees:
Building Communities - Stakeholder Engagement
  7/27/2017  - FFA Alumni Golf Tournament

ACGC FFA Members help set up  at the FFA Foundation Golf Tournament

  • Meet at Island Pine Golf Course (park at the West Parking lot and walk to the club house)
  • Dinner available for ACGC members who help with the golf tournament, please let Mrs. Hansen know if you plan to attend the dinner.  
Growing Leaders - Leadership
  9/20/2017  - GITS/COW
Region V FFA Leadership Rally, PWELC Lunch provided.  Leave ACGC Jr/Sr High School at 7:45 and return at 3-3:15pm.  Excused educational absence: please complete your school-work before you attend.  
  9/27/2017  - GITS/COW Rain date
Rain date for Region V Leadership Rally
Growing Leaders - Personal Growth
  8/2/2017  - Meeker County Fair Entry Day

ACGC FFA Members

  • Please read the premium booklet sent to your school email
  • If you are interested in exhibiting Barnyard Animals please send Mr. Warren an email (before July 22) and prepare a poster of your animal.  Barnyard Animals will not be allowed on entry day.  
  • All Livestock entries must be pre-registered to determine stalling and acceptable identification
  • Non livestock entries should preregister in order to complete tags before entry day on August 2
  • All animals must be in place August 2 and non-livestock entries entered Wednesday before 9pm
  • ACGC FFA Barnyard duty is Sunday 9am-9pm (3 hour shifts).  Please let Mrs. Hansen know if you will need a pass to the fair
  8/8/2017  - Kandiyohi County Fair Entry Day
  1. 10am-6pm Non-livestock Entries Due
  2. FFA Goat Show 5pm
  3. Livestock in place by 10pm
  8/9/2017  - Kandiyohi County Fair


  1.  8:30am FFA Tractor Driving Contest
  2. 10:30am Registration FFA/4-H Horse Judging Contest Start at 11am
  3. 12:30pm Registration FFA/4-H Livestock Contest Start at 1pm
  4. Awards Follow Livestock contest
  5. FFA Sheep Show 5pm


  1. 8am FFA Beef
  2. 12pm Swine 4-H, FFA follows 4-H


  1. 9:30am Dairy 4-H, FFA follows 4-H
  2. 11am-1pm FFA Floral Contest 


  1. Exhibits release at 9pm
Strengthening Agriculture - Agricultural Literacy
  8/6/2017  - ACGC FFA Meeker County Barnyard Duty

ACGC FFA members serve at least 3 hours in the Meeker County FFA barnyard.  Please wear your FFA T-shirt.  ACGC FFA members will be responsible to assist clean up the of barnyard.  

Chapter Officers:


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